Frequently Asked Questions

How long should my book be?

Beginning Readers (Grades 1-3) should be more than 100 but less than 4,000 words.

Elementary Readers (Grades 3-6) should be between 3,000 and 20,000

Middle Readers (Ages 10 to 14) should be up to 40,000 - the closer the better.

How many illustrations should I have?

Each level should have a minimum of 6 illustrations. Preferably:

Beginning Readers (Grades 1-3) one illustration per page of text

Elementary Readers (Grades 3-6) one illustration per 3,000 words

Middle Readers (Ages 10 to 14) one illustration per chapter

How do I know what the readability level is?

Use this program to determine your manuscript’s readability level: THE FLESCH GRADE LEVEL FORMULAS

Do you publish books for more mature children who are facing adult-like situations?

We do not accept anything older than Middle Readers and are very strict with the content for middle readers - nothing that would cause it to be considered Young Adult. 

If it is historical, science fiction or fantasy, consider sending it to Portals Publishing, LLC.

If it is Faith-based, consider sending it to BLISS Books, LLC.

What types of bilingual books do you publish?

Beginning, Elementary, and Middle Reader books in English and Spanish.

We would love to add other languages -- French, Haitian, Chinese, Klingon, etc. If you have a book that can be written in two different languages that fit with Gingersnap Press' ideals, please contact us! 

I can't draw, but I have a wonderful story to tell. How do you deal with that?

Gingersnap Press offers two different contracts - one for authors who have/are their own illustrator and one for authors only. The difference between them is the amount of royalty offered. If you choose to go Author Only, we have an incredible in-house artist - Susan Krupp - who will do the illustrations at Gingersnap Press' expense. Susan works very closely with the author to ensure the illustrations are the best they can be.